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Inagro Gestión Agrícola is a fertiliser company based in Almería with over 15 years’ experience dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of agrochemicals

Most of the products from our range are eco-friendly. We make fertilisers that improve the crops while respecting the environment at the same time.

INAGRO’s philosophy is that we are experts in fertilisers, from their development and production to the distribution of the most innovative fertilisers on the market and our aim is to cover the needs of the crops sustainably.


Our continued efforts and fluid communication with our clients help us offer new solutions. We establish relationships based on trust and commitment through the products and services we deliver.

  • inagro analisis y asesoramiento en abonos

    Analysis and advice

  • fase de fertilizacion del suelo inagro

    Soil fertilization

  • fase de plantacion tras el abonado inagro

    Planting stage

  • fase de cultivo inagro agricola

    Cultivation stage

  • fase de rendimiento del fruto inagro

    Crop yield


The R&D+i department bears an important emphasis in our company. It is comprised of professionals at the forefront of the agricultural sector, such as engineers, agronomists, chemists and agricultural technicians working towards delivering and creating innovative solutions. To achieve this, they perform a crucial role in the research of proprietary formulations, resulting in maximum quality products. The products are backed by analysis and quality controls that ensure their true effectiveness.



Our sphere of action is mostly local and national, but five years ago, we began working towards internationalising our company in several different markets. We are proud to say that we have achieved this in countries like Morocco, the Dominican Republic and Chile, among others. Our efforts are focused on achieving maximum quality in our products, without forgetting research in the environment in which we operate.



Inagro Gestión Agrícola is a fertiliser company capable of delivering novel and innovative solutions and adapting to the changes of the market, with a broad range of products manufactured specially for our clients. This can only be achieved thanks to the company’s presence in such diverse markets, the experience of our team and the working closely with our clients.


At Inagro Gestión Agrícola, customer satisfaction is paramount. Our technical and sales team -alongside the R&D+i department- strive to formulate products with compositions that are exactly what the clients require of us. This way, the solutions we deliver are tailored to the requirements of the crop.



We make every effort to ensure our laboratory operates in full compliance with the regulations in force, thus covering the requirements of the crops throughout their entire life cycle. We are certified to manufacture and distribute fertilisers ensuring the required richness and are Sohiscert certified as an agriculture supplier company for eco-friendly agriculture.


Respect for the environment is a common goal for everyone at the company and for this reason, most of our products are eco-friendly, which means we provide nutrients to the soil preventing their degradation and making the most of the resources available to us.

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