Specialists in certified eco-friendly fertiliser products so that you can care for your farm with utmost quality and trust.

The range of products made by Inagro Agrícola covers the entire production process. From the moment you need to prepare the soil on your farm to begin sowing, to the phase in which what worries you most is the quality and performance of the product when it reaches harvest time. We are specialists in the manufacturing of eco-friendly fertiliser products.



We have been at the service of the farmer for over 15 years. We began manufacturing our own range of products after harvesting some very positive results in our own farm. Since then, we have not stopped innovating. Our R&D+i department works daily in pursuit of formulas that help us enhance the performance and quality of the fruit you cultivate.



The constant efforts invested in innovation have translated into our very own range of certified eco-friendly fertiliser products endorsed by the prestigious Sohiscert.

Eco-friendly fertilisers are a trend in our production system and the reason we put so much effort into constantly innovating and achieving fertilising products that offer optimum products before, during and after cultivation.

“Integral cycle. At Inagro Gestión Agrícola, we care for absolutely everything, from the soil until the fruit is harvested.”



At Inagro Gestión Agrícola, we have developed a specific line of fertilisers for olive trees, in addition to the entire range of eco-friendly fertiliser products in our portfolio. In our catalogue, you will find foliar fertilisers that have been purposely designed to obtain optimum results in the cultivation and production of the olive grove.


Remember that we have a client support department that will accompany you throughout the process, solving any queries you may have. So, if you have any questions, we will be delighted to help, listen and offer you a tailor made agricultural solution.

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